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all hail the
Lady Loki, Goddess of Mischief, Queen Regnant of Asgard, and the most powerful sorceress in the realm.
"In the end, the darkness must always overwhelm and hurl back the light.” — Lady Loki
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-taps mic- attention k mart shoppers

I am officially hanging it up on this blog and moving else where. I will leave this blog up and it will be an archive or whatever. 

Bye now

Fuck buddy application.

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i’m off and on atm i’ll get those peeps in my ask box when i can actually focus



I cannot help it if you have a cute butt chin. 




yus -insert floral emoti here- and Lady using them to relay messages

and i’m sure she would teach them magic pranks to play on dad too IMEANWAT

LOLOL magic just makes ares d;afak;ma;j ‘why does your mother teach you these things’


lolno never gonna stop

I’m retconning most of lady’s relationships. there’s really no point in having her in relationships with people who are never around. it’s nothing personal but i’m not okay with my muses love life being tied up like that. As for which verses i’m keeping, mainverse(though most of those relationships are retconned at this point) obviously, religions verse, and turningtricks verse. If you have any questions about how this affects your characters relationship with mine then feel free to ask. 

also here is a list of people lady should have in her life but don’t

I’d love it if someone wanted to fill those roles and came to talk to me ooc. So here’s a link to my askbox just in case, you do or know a consistent rper that would be willing to rp with my not movieverse and not hiddles loki


Monica | Don’t Take It Personal 

[wooooow today has been pretty shit, i’ve been feeling like a shit rper and kinda underappreciated (tbh that may just be me having one of my fleeting overly sensitive moments) so i’m just going to focus on the drafts that i have and consider if I need to step away from rp or if I need to just suck it up and deal with shit as it is]



The twilight of the gods will happen like this.
There will be three years of terrible winters, and summers of black sunlight. People will lose all hope, and surrender to greed, incest and civil war. Midgardsormen, the world serpent, will come lunging from the ocean, dragging the tides in and flooding the world. The wolf, giant Fenrir, will break his invisible chains. The skies will open and Surt, the fire giant, will come flaming across the bridge to destroy the Gods. Odin will ride out of the gates of Valhalla to do battle for the last time against the wolf. Thor will kill the serpent, but die from its venom. Surt will spread fire across the Earth. At last, Fenrir will swallow the sun. 

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Blood On My Hands
- Danielle Parente


Blood On My Hands - Danielle Parente


I hate you. 

So much. 

Tease. -there’s a chuckle as the word leaves her lips-


Lose your shirt again?